Night-Fishing Charter in Cleveland, OH

T&V Charters provides a variety of fishing charters for all of your fishing needs in Cleveland, OH, including night fishing. Our night-fishing charter works closely with you to design the ideal experience on Lake Erie so that you can catch the fish you’ve always wanted. 

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Our team understands Lake Erie and how to design a night-fishing charter that serves all of your fishing desires. We work the lake seven days a week so that we can help you find the fish that you are looking for. Our charters are designed to give you the best possible night-fishing experience.

We focus our night fishing charters on catching walleye.


Walleye spawn in the spring. Throughout the season, they move throughout Lake Erie and, because we are on the lake seven days a week, we always know where to find them. We track them throughout the lake, which ensures that you always have a positive night-fishing experience.

The State places some limits on the number of fish that you can catch. In the first part of the season, from 1 March through 30 April, you can take home four walleye.

For the remainder of the season, you can take home six. All of your walleye must be a minimum of 15 inches.

As you fish for walleye, you may find some steelhead trout. Talk with our captain to determine limits on steelhead trout.

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