Our location depends on where the fish are at that time. We go where the fish are to give you the best trip possible. We will keep you informed at all times where you will be fishing. 


April and May

Wild Wings Marina
6001 N Russell Rd.
Oak Harbor, Ohio

Because Lake Erie walleye fishing is best in the Western Basin during the spring, we start our season at Wild Wings Marina. The fish move to that area to spawn since the water is shallower and warms up faster. The month of April and usually most of May will be spent here before the water gets warm enough to start pushing the fish east. When it becomes necessary we move with the fish. Occasionally we will need to move to Anchors Away Marina in Marblehead before we continue further east to our home port in Ashtabula. 


June - October

River Marine
Bridge St.
Ashtabula, Ohio

The water in the Central Basin is usually warm enough by the first of June to return to River Marine in Ashtabula and have good success catching large walleye. In the event that the water remains too cold for a longer period of time, occasionally we might have to stop in Fairport Harbor or Geneva on the way. By the end of June it is almost certain we will be at River Marine for the rest of the season. 


October - December

East 55th Street Marina

5555 N Marginal Rd

Cleveland, OH 


When the water in Lake Erie starts to cool down again, we will go to East 55th St. Marina where we do the night fishing. Here you will see the shoreline off the city of Cleveland while we fish around the breakwalls of the harbor. The city lights are a beautiful backdrop to the amazing fishing that happens while the walleye chase the bait that are attracted to the light of the city. It is a whole new experience no one should miss out on.